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Inspiration: Do you wait for it?


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Everyone always talks about inspiration, or their muse and how important it is for writing. Those two things tie together. Sure, both of them are a tremendous help and it’s best to never turn down amazing ideas they give to you, but is it right to only focus on the task at hand when they help you?

Is writing a task only meant for when ideas flow to you from within?

No, it’s not. At least I don’t think so.

Consider this: How often are you inspired to the extent that scene after scene pours out of you, making it seem like you must write? How often do characters beg for your attention and lure you in with chocolate-coated ideas of intriguing goodness?

How often do you get that spark that ignites the fiery passion within you?

Judging from my personal experiences, not often. I won’t claim it’s the same for everyone, but experience tells me that those moments strike when you least expect them and are sparse in occurrence. Embrace them as they hit you, but what happens once they end? Do you sit back and wait for another monumental moment to come?

Chances are, if your muse is anything like mine, you’re lucky if it happens once per month.

If you only write when your inspiration says it’s time, novels will take ages until completion. It’s always a goal to get things done swiftly, if possible. Writing is no different.

Don’t wait for the writing to come to you; chase it down.

Take control. You want to write the story and despite inspirational influence, it’s your job to make it work. Write, even when you don’t feel inspired. Try to get words down every day. Not much. Just enough to keep the writing process going will guarantee more frequent days of motivating experiences.

More motivation means more writing.

More writing means that novel you’re working on will reach the end quicker.

Reaching the end quicker will put you that much closer to publication.

Who can say no to that?

What are your experiences when it comes to inspiration and your muse? How do you deal with those bursts of wondrous ideas and the time around them?