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Life in France: Day 3

Day 3, September 26th

Today started too early. I could have slept longer if it weren’t for my instinct that tells me that, when doing new things, I need to make sure nothing goes wrong.

This means I arrived at the meeting point for my teacher, Kujtesa and I, half an hour early. I even took the tram right and didn’t make any mistakes traveling; that honestly surprised me. A few years back, we moved and after my first day at school after the move, I walked home and couldn’t find our house.

I was looking right at it.

We brought Kujtesa to work first and then went to the school where I have my work experience. I’m in the computer room/library of the school, which brings me to my chore for the day.

I needed to take a list of books, dated 2005, mind you, and check the shelves for those books. Books not on the list, but on the shelves – again, this list dated 2005 – needed to be written and missing books highlighted.

I wrote down a minimum of three times the amount of books on the old list. It took all day. We’re talking just getting the author names and titles on paper. I didn’t have time to add them to the list on the computer; that’s my first project for tomorrow.

Isn't this an awesome-looking theater?

After finally making it back to the apartment, I was about ready to crash. Got some groceries, had dinner alone, as Melanie is with friends tonight, and then sat down to write this.

Kujtesa and I made plans to look around together after work tomorrow, just look in some of the shops and whatnot. Nothing too much; a bit of spying on this foreign culture, as it were. After tomorrow, I’ll also really know what my work schedule will look like.

Back to work again tomorrow. 09:30 – 17:30.

It’ll be a long day.