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Motivation: The Final Push

Finishing a project: The dream everyone has. Having the chance to say “I did this” and show others proof of your achievement. Who doesn’t want that honor – that opportunity?

Tales of The Forbidden has been my project for almost a year now. It’s time to finish it. I chose December 31st as a deadline for a reason; so I could close off this chapter of The Forbidden Series and move on to the second of four books. 2012 marks the start of my serious adventure into writing.

Finishing ToTF by December 31st will make it the first novel I ever finished and will let me learn from the strenuous writing process this past year.

A friend's show of support; Nakaya de Jong, also the designer of my Twitter background and Facebook page. Click for the animation.

Starting 2012, I want to focus on writing more. Two novels per year. Six months per novel. This, of course, only consists of first draft writing, not the editing process. To do this, depending on final word count (between 85,000 – 95,000 words), it would entail 3,250 – 4,000 words per week – say 3,500 to go for the average.

500 words per day. That is doable, and my schedule allows for more writing during spare time, so I will not need to stress about it.

I hope this schedule works for me. Getting more content out and halting my procrastination: I’ve longed to push past that for ages.

Before that happens, I must finish my current project. I have an estimated 15,000 words left and 27 days. 555 words per day. It hits close to what my new target will be, after the holidays. Aside from that:

With support from my friends, finishing should be a breeze!