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Word War Adventures: Time to Catch Up

I’ve blogged about word wars before in my post Battle of Words: Word Wars. This time, I’ll mention it again, because these wars are helpful in racking up a major word count and finishing projects.

Word Wars

Image by xeeliz via Flickr

As some of you know, I hadn’t touched my novel in a good three or four weeks. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and change that as my deadline looms ahead.

Just last night, after a couple of word wars with my friend Elisa, I ended with 2,400 words added to my novel. As you’ll see in the nifty progress bar on the right of my page, that helped me jump quite a bit closer to my goal.

With word wars planned all the way ’till Friday, I expect to catch up and end with some major words to deal with. The end is so close, I can taste it. I put one scene behind me; one scene that held me back and kept me away from the upcoming final climax. Now, just a little more separates me from it. Just a few more scenes and the final battle will erupt in a flurry of swords and magic and other amazing things that will light up the pages.

After that, it’s a straight stretch to the finish.

With the help of these word wars, both Elisa and I near the end of our projects. Together, we will carry out our goals. Together, the end is nigh.

We will both make our deadlines.

What are your best ways to keep yourself writing?