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Friday Snippets: “Werewolf’s Lair – Chapter Three”

After a near-two-week absence, I am back with some new material for all of you! Currently, I’m going through Werewolf’s Lair to make necessary changes to the plot and the conflict before I enter the final stretch of the book. Some of these changes include adding some scenes in my second main character’s point of view.

Without further ado, enjoy this scene, written in Matt’s point of view, in chapter three. Do keep in mind that this comes from the first draft and will likely be edited in the future.

Matt tossed a lifeless body to the ground in an alleyway. No doubt, someone would find the woman that day. No one could save her. An early bird. She rushed from her house before most, before the sun illuminated the sky with its brilliant perfection. Her schedule made her one of the available few targets.

While the sun fought to ascend above the horizon, he traveled out of the city and towards the forest. He stayed near the outskirts of the greenery and far enough from the exit to avoid the sun. The trees acted as his shield, protecting him from the light that would harm him without their presence.

His search of the forest led him nowhere. Paige claimed he lacked the skill to hunt down werewolves. Perhaps he did. His hair shifted as he shook his head. Hunters found ways to locate werewolves. He was smarter than them and could do the same – could do it better, regardless of what she thought.

A frown twisted his lips as he leaned his back against a tree, arms crossed. “She’s traveling alone, but her pack is nearby?” He shook his head. “No. It’s one or the other; it can’t be both.”

He glanced in the direction of the city. Three vampires claimed it as their territory and countless others claimed it as their temporary territory, or hunted there while passing through. The three master vampires showed no mercy to those who hunted in their territory without their permission.

It was a miracle they learned to cooperate among each other. Even the strongest vampires agreed. Vampires spent their time alone. Cooperation between two happened rarely. Cooperation between three became the stuff of legends.

Alone, the three were average in strength. Together they became a powerful force that threatened most who crossed their path. Strategy came into play.

Mattheus never got permission.

His frown deepened and he watched the sun ascend higher. The sooner he and Paige journeyed into the forest, the smaller the risk that he would have a run-in with the other vampires.

He couldn’t guarantee their safety if they attacked him.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet and the look into vampire dynamics! There will be much more of that throughout the series.

Have a good Friday, and have a great weekend!