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Friday Snippets: Werewolf’s Lair

I am in a wonderful mood today. Why? Blame it on exercise just making me feel really good about myself. Because of this, I’ve decided to share a little snippet of my current work in progress, Werewolf’s Lair.

Enjoy this little scene and let me know what you think in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Happy weekend, all!

“I –“ Paige clamped her mouth shut, words failing her.

“If you would have told me why you needed privacy, I would have left you alone longer.”

“It’s not exactly something I go around telling everyone.” Her anger diminished in a slow whirl. “I, well, back home, everyone notices when this happens.”

“You didn’t give me much of a chance to notice.”

Paige flushed and turned away from him, arms crossing over her chest. “…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” His presence neared and she fought the urge to back away further. “It’s more my fault than it is yours.”

“Nature,” she corrected, smiling bitterly. “Our power to change forms comes with pros and cons. In this case… it’s generally a con.”

His hand touched her shoulder and she flinched away. Her feet led her back several steps before she turned to glance up at him. That was how it started before. She wouldn’t let it happen again. Even with the urge gone, she wouldn’t risk it.

Matt stopped and looked at her. “I am sorry.”

“Are you?”

His face betrayed nothing, but she saw it in his eyes. Only a part of him apologized for what happened. The other part loved that it did, like any man would. Vampire or not, even he endured urges that normal men did.

As much as she wanted to, Paige could not blame him for that. Putting him at fault for going along with her was the same as him blaming her for her powerful desire. It was nature. Not the fault of those she used.

Still, if her parents had ever found out, they’d flip. Jaden was another story entirely. He’d find a way to make Matt human again, beat him within an inch of his life, make him undead and healthy again, and then kill him. He’d have Matt crying for his mother and there was nothing Paige could have done to stop him.

Matt was lucky.