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Blog Overhaul: Do you see what I see?

The new year brought with it some changes for my blog! Most of them are small changes, but I figured I’d let you know about them, regardless.

This little guy ate all the stuff that vanished from my blog!

This little guy ate all the stuff that vanished from my blog!

  1. Tales of The Forbidden, Chapter One is now online and ready for reading! If you’re curious about how the novel starts or just my writing in general, that’s a great place to begin!
  2. The previously untitled dark fantasy novel that you wonderful people helped me create during my Halloween Stream project now has a (tentative) title! You can now read about Waning Moonlight! The first chapter will come as soon as it undergoes some editing. Furthermore, it’s now the first novella in a trilogy!
  3. The page for The Hunted Trilogy has been temporarily taken offline. The series needs to undergo some serious thought and plotting and until I get all that done, I figured it would be best to remove it from my website. A new header should replace the current one in the near future, as well.
  4. In the nifty sidebar to the right, you’ll see not only a progress bar for Tales of The Forbidden, but also for Waning Moonlight! Keep an eye on those to track my progress.
  5. My side-project, Survival, does not have its own page or progress bar at this point. I want to keep my website focused on my main projects. However, feel free to ask how it’s progressing!

I think that’s all the changes I’ve made so far. If I make any major changes, I’ll let you all know! Until then, enjoy the new year! I hope everything goes the way you want it to.

Is there any other information you’d like to see on my blog? Comment with your suggestions!