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Thoughts on Publication: Go for it!

Some of you have followed me on WordPress for months, while others are recent followers new to my content. During these months blogging, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who have inspired me and pushed me to follow this path I’m on, to focus on my goals.

Despite being hesitant at times, I’ve come to realize that the only way to put fear behind me is to go for it. That is what I’m doing now and I couldn’t have done it without the support all of you have given me.

So, I present to you my first ever book.

A Collection of Paranormal Tales

This book is a collection of flash fiction and short stories, written throughout the past two years and polished up to standards for this book. The book will be available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook, as of December 7th, for the price of $1.49.

In this collection you’ll find my best short works, edited and brought to new heights specifically for the occasion! Available for the first time in this new quality, these stories each contain a hint of paranormal in their depths. In this book, tread into the waters of dark fantasy that verge on thriller. A mixture of first and third person view, some of these stories will make you think with their vague, philosophical ways, while others have a meaning clearer than those.

While one of my stories appeared in this anthology by Divertir Publishing, this is the start of my journey into self-publishing. I chose these stories, because not only are they the best of my short works that fit the theme, but also because they show my writing.

This book will be available only in eBook format, but I will publish my novel-length works as paperbacks and eBooks, for the wider audience. I know many readers enjoy reading paper books, despite the rapid increase of the eBook’s popularity.

This one’s for everyone who has supported me: Thank you.

Mark your calendars, folks; there’s only two and a half weeks until the release!