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Christmas Gifts: Have you bought them yet?

It’s that time of year. Decorations are going up and in many places, they’ve already gone up. In less than three weeks, Christmas will be here! People are rushing to get Christmas presents and, for those of us who hid inside our homes with locked doors during ignored Black Friday, we have to get them some other way, which brings me to my question.

Pile of gorgeous gifts

Pile of gorgeous gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you bought gifts for your family and friends yet, or do you still need to?

I got most of mine the other day. Personally, I ordered them online because I was at the mall last week for groceries and it was sheer chaos. What about you? Do you buy your gifts in-person at a store or do you just order them online?

As much as being able to see and take a look at what you’re buying in person before actually purchasing it, online shopping has a certain convenience to it. I’m expecting my package tomorrow!

What are your holiday shopping experiences? Good ones? Bad ones? Share your stories in the comments!



Life in France: Day 3

Day 3, September 26th

Today started too early. I could have slept longer if it weren’t for my instinct that tells me that, when doing new things, I need to make sure nothing goes wrong.

This means I arrived at the meeting point for my teacher, Kujtesa and I, half an hour early. I even took the tram right and didn’t make any mistakes traveling; that honestly surprised me. A few years back, we moved and after my first day at school after the move, I walked home and couldn’t find our house.

I was looking right at it.

We brought Kujtesa to work first and then went to the school where I have my work experience. I’m in the computer room/library of the school, which brings me to my chore for the day.

I needed to take a list of books, dated 2005, mind you, and check the shelves for those books. Books not on the list, but on the shelves – again, this list dated 2005 – needed to be written and missing books highlighted.

I wrote down a minimum of three times the amount of books on the old list. It took all day. We’re talking just getting the author names and titles on paper. I didn’t have time to add them to the list on the computer; that’s my first project for tomorrow.

Isn't this an awesome-looking theater?

After finally making it back to the apartment, I was about ready to crash. Got some groceries, had dinner alone, as Melanie is with friends tonight, and then sat down to write this.

Kujtesa and I made plans to look around together after work tomorrow, just look in some of the shops and whatnot. Nothing too much; a bit of spying on this foreign culture, as it were. After tomorrow, I’ll also really know what my work schedule will look like.

Back to work again tomorrow. 09:30 – 17:30.

It’ll be a long day.