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Blogging Schedule: Once or Thrice?

With the first week of my new blogging schedule behind me, I’m curious about what the preferred planning is. I know they say curiosity killed the cat, but I’m going to ask anyways. I’m more afraid of my cat than curiosity, anyways. She is evil and will kill me in my sleep one day.

Before, I wrote a blog every week on a random day when I felt like blogging. This past week, I switched to posting three times a week on set days, namely Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. With this schedule, my posts occur more often and on a regular basis, unlike before I created this schedule.

A bonus I’ve noticed is that posting more draws more traffic and therefore, readers, to my blog. Granted, I’ve taken care to comment more as well, so that obviously is also a contributing factor. So far, only positive results have come from this change and I’m glad for it and happy to keep it this way.

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It’s amazing how much posting more and in an actual schedule and commenting on other blogs can help. I knew both of those things would change my page, but I never considered just how much difference it would make. Aside from that, it gives me a sense of inner peace. I know when to blog and don’t have to rush when I realized, “Oh, it’s been eight days since I blogged!”

That sense of calmness helps me in day-to-day life and I am grateful for it.

Still, this brings up my question to all of you dear people – thank you for enduring the changes I’ve made in recent times – namely:

What do you prefer: One post per week, or three as I did this past week?