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Rising to The Occasion: Social Media

As the title proclaims, I will discuss social media in this post.

In this past half of the year, I’ve begun building my platform on the internet. It started with Facebook and this blog and has grown ever since. Recently, I joined StumbleUpon and as of today, you can now find me in one more place on the internet.

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That’s right. After weeks of deliberating and seeking out pros and cons and various opinions from people who use Twitter, I finally bit the bullet and decided to give it a try. Instead of trying to wonder if I should or shouldn’t, I simply did and that’s what counts. From now on, I will tweet and link and do all the fun stuff you can with Twitter.

I’ve gotten the hang of most of the basics now; it’s easy to use, so that makes my life a lot simpler.

This means that from now on, you can follow my endeavors on Twitter! Expect at least a few posts every day, depending on how each day progresses and if there is much worth mentioning on Twitter. Let’s connect!

How long have you had a Twitter and what do you think of it? If you don’t have a Twitter, do you intend to make one?