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Life in France: Day 1 + 2

Yeah, you heard me. I went there.

That aside, I figured that since it turned out I could get internet on my laptop, that I’d start something a little special. An abroad blog as it were. This is an entirely spontaneous idea and I decided to roll with it.

This means that for the between now and October 21st, I’ll be blogging every day. Some blogs will be shorter than others, evidently depending on the day’s events, if I can wrap it in a nice package, and how tired I am. This first post, as shown in the title, will consist of days 1 and 2, yesterday and today. So, here goes:

Day 1, September 24th

This was a long day; there’s no other way to put it. I rolled out of bed at 6:45, was out the door by 7:45 and on the first train by 9:00. Between getting on that train and arriving at the station in Paris, we had a delay, got kicked off the train and moved to another one, before we could continue our journey. We being myself, a classmate and my French teacher.

After arriving there, we had to take the subway to a different train station – God, the subways in Paris are crammed – and then take a train there at 15:00, putting us at our destination shortly after five. There, the people we’re staying with came to pick us up and Kujtesa, my teacher and I said our goodbyes.

By then, I needed sleep. Badly. Despite that, I agreed to go to a barbecue with the woman I’m staying with – Melanie. Joining ten people speaking rapid French after a long day like that? Not my best idea. Needless to say, by 21:15 I said I was tired, she brought me back to the house and I was out by 22:00.

Day 2, September 25th

After a rough night (I kept waking up), I got up at 8:30 to get ready for the planned meet-up with my teacher and classmate. Got to the meeting place at 11:00, only to find out Kujtesa’s guest family (the girl in my class), lives outside of town in the weekends and because of that, she couldn’t attend.

So, I spent the day alone with my teacher. It was amazing how oddly difficult speaking French to, well, French people was. Asking for something as simple as a map of the city took a minute of stuttering. The second time I asked for information, it went better. Yay for that.

We toured the city, saw where I’ll work this month and had lunch. In between, she made me translate stuff and whatnot. It was a busy day. Around 16:00, I had to make my way back to the apartment alone with the tram. Much to my surprise, I got out at the right stop and found the right apartment on my first try.

That was two hours ago.

Currently, Dr. House is speaking French on this talking picture box. I am greatly disturbed.

Time to kick back and relax; maybe get some words written if my dear muse cooperates. At the very least, I’m just taking the night off, watching some television and chatting.

Tomorrow’s my first day at work.

Won’t that be a tale to tell about?

Let me know what you think of these journal-like posts for this month, and the post-a-day concept. I’d love to hear what you think!