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Change Of Pace: Writing + Holidays!

This weekend, I took what was a very welcome weekend off. Why did I take time off, you might ask? Because on Thursday, the 6th of December, I finished the first draft of my Dark Fantasy Novella. It feels great to have finished the first stage of a project! I decided to spend this weekend away from it and tomorrow, Monday, I’m going to start editing.

A mock-cover created by Nakaya de Jong.

A mock-cover created by Nakaya de Jong.

The goal I have in mind is to finish editing in December/early January, and send the manuscript to beta readers by mid-January.

I spent the weekend mostly just relaxing. I went shopping with my parents and aside from that, spent some time relaxing by playing video games and other such things. There’s nothing like playing an RPG to help inspire you! As of tomorrow, editing of the novella will start and rewriting Tales of The Forbidden will resume.

That’s the current state of affairs in regards to my writing, for anyone who was interested.

Packages from amazon have started arriving. Two this week and another two are scheduled to arrive around Wednesday. After that, it’s just packages from family we’re waiting on. I still need to send my Christmas cards, which I intend to do this week at some point.

How are your holiday preparations going? Let me know in the comments!