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Life in France: Day 10

Day 10, October 3rd

We hit the double digits today! It just got real; yes, it did.

Mr. Tweetums

I made a friend this morning; I'm surprised by how close this bird came to me.

Humor aside, today was a good day. I finally feel rested and even after work, I still felt quite active and not as drained as I did the last week. It’s a small change that makes a lot of difference in the end.

It’s 21:30 as I’m writing this and I’m not tired. Last week, I felt the need for sleep before even finishing work. I like this change and hope it will stay this way! It makes life a heck of a lot easier.


Can you decipher these scribbles? I can. They're mine - hasty writing. It'd look better on real lined paper, rather than the squared paper Germans are so fond of.

Throughout the morning, I actually worked on the report I need to write about my work experience for school. I pretty much finished it before my lunch break, save for adding or changing things at the end of the work experience – if necessary.

Do not fear the scribbles. I have a printed version and a digital one. This was the rough draft. Well, the first page of the rough draft.

After my break I spent time doing more inventory things; nothing too special, but it was a good day regardless.

Kujtesa and I got some dinner after work as a small celebration of her eighteenth birthday being today. Nothing special, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I’m going to see about making sure each Life in France post has a picture from now on. It just draws people into the experience more and makes it more realistic. At least, I think so. Two pictures today and another tomorrow. You have been warned.

I have some pictures I want to take; it’s just a matter of actually stepping back and getting it done. That’s apparently my problem, I guess. Either way, today passed well and I even did some novel-planning and all that fun stuff.

Can’t write a novel without ideas. Now, to write.