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Life in France: Day 26

Day 26, October 19th

Another day – gone. That fateful day where I leave and head off to another country approaches. The country where I live, and where a cat is waiting to tear me limb from limb for abandoning her.

There’s a reason her name is Trouble.

If that doesn't make her look guilty, I don't know what will.

On the bright side, Melanie informed me that there is a Mario reference and gave me a rough indication of its whereabouts. I’m going hunting tomorrow, to snap a picture of that. Expect evidence in tomorrow’s blog, should I succeed in this dangerous task.

Recap to Saturday. When Melanie and I were at the mall, I spotted The Lion King DVD and remarked that I love that movie, but haven’t had it since we had issues with a moving company and lost our VHS and all that other fun stuff. I didn’t buy it, though, because I opted for the sale which got me four movies for twenty-four bucks, rather than one for twenty bucks.

At one point this evening, Melanie entered the living-room carrying two wrapped objects and said they were for me. Surprised? Understatement.

One of them was The Lion King.

The other a book on Ancient Egyptian history.

I… couldn’t really express my thanks in words. Have you ever had that feeling where you think you know what to say and then your mind blanks out and you sit there like a fumbling idiot? Yeah. That’s how I felt. I hadn’t expected her to buy me anything, let alone stuff like that.

Not only is that book about a topic I adore, but it’s also in French. That means not only will it brush up my history skills, but my languages ones, as well. Got to love unintentional multitasking like that.

So, for when she reads this: Thank you.

That book will give me something to do during the ride back home and that DVD will endure usage more often than I count. My parents should know how often those songs echo throughout the apartment when I get my hands on a copy.

Now, off to bed and then to my last full day at work, followed by Mario hunting. I still need to figure out what I want for dinner, too, as Melanie told me to choose since it’s my last night.



Life in France: Day 11

Day 11, October 4th

More registering books and magazines today. Same old, same old. What was new at work was that I essentially became a teacher in an English class for an hour. Before the class, I got the homework to correct both in grammar and spelling, as well as the contents of the papers.

Then, in the lessons, the students (nine guys) had to read their texts out loud and I’d ask them questions about the text, correct major pronunciation mistakes and let them know how their accent is when speaking English. A pretty interesting way to spend time, I must say.

One mistake they all had, which I linked back to the French language. When writing the name of a country, they’d write “the Turkey”, “the Belgium”, etc. All of them made that mistake. In French, they say “la France” and “la Belgique”. They essentially translated too literally from French to English and didn’t pay attention to the grammatical rules in English.

Oh well; I told them about that, so with any luck, they’ll keep that in mind.

I found another game reference on a wall. I swear, I just need to go for a walk in this city and look at walls - see what else I find. I demand a Mario reference!

The temperature is finally cooling down, thankfully. It’s been too warm for my liking ever since I made it to France. I need cooler weather! We even had clouds today. Clouds, I say, clouds!

Too bad they didn’t last all day.

Still, the temperature should keep dropping and make it to real autumn weather.  Wind, cooler temperatures and rain: I can’t wait for it to get that far!

Aside from that, today was rather relaxing. No extra stuff done after work; I just went back to the apartment and am now relaxing. Days like these are necessary.

I’m going to see about writing tonight, though. I need to get back into that habit, even if I don’t write every day due to everything going on. I at least want to get a few words in every now and then.

I must make progress!

Writing tonight, back to work tomorrow. I’d better make the most of my evenings.