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Can you feel the love tonight?

Or, yesterday eve, as they say in my novel.

Day four of my self-planned challenge for National Novel Writing Month, namely finishing the first draft of Tales of The Forbidden. As you’ll see on the right of this page, the nifty little progress bar is filling up and the percentage is rising.

I’m even ahead of schedule! On Day 4of 1,000 words per day, I’m meant to have 4,000 words. Instead, I have 5,333 words. Not too shabby. This gives me something to fall back on if I miss a day, or don’t quite hit 1k one day. Still, why stop now? Tomorrow, it’s back to work for another 1,000 words!

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I wrote a whopping 2,318 words today, successfully completing Chapter Twenty. Here are my daily NaNoWriMo word counts for the interested among us:

Day 1: 325

Day 2: 1,380

Day 3: 1,310

Day 4: 2,318

I blew that bad start away, didn’t I? Let’s continue this and see how quick I can complete the draft! Once it’s finished, I’ll let it sit for a little while – two weeks or so – and then buckle down for some heavy editing. Well, a general read through and small edits first, and then a second time with heavier, more intense edits. This story will feel my wrath as I tear it apart and turn it into something shiny and new.

To end this off, here’s a little snippet of today’s words for any interested readers. Romance is in the air and finally in my novel, too. Introducing sub-plot!

“Father,” Lysire began, pausing until the king’s attention was on him. “You have often told me that I must focus on finding someone to care for.”

Understanding sparked in the older man’s eyes, quickly suppressed by a serious gaze. “This is not the time to focus on that, Lysire.”

“What if it is already too late to turn back?”

Saria’s eyes widened slightly as realization smacked her in the face. The princess of Cavor and the prince of Eteria. Together. Change loomed ahead for their kingdoms – especially should they regain Cavor from Haral’s incapable hands. If she and Lysire maintained their relationship, what would become of the two kingdoms?

King Theodor kept silent and Lysire said nothing as his father glanced from Lysire to Saria. “Does this have to do with what Jezil informed me of yesterday eve?”

Saria nearly choked on her drink. Oh no. He didn’t –

And cut! Let me know what you think. Editing is still required, but general opinions are most welcome and gifted with little ribbons and sweatshirts for the cold season. Until Sunday, all!