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A Day Out: A promise of better times?

Ever since early July, bloggers have assaulted WordPress with their stories about Harry Potter and what it means to them. I don’t intend to turn this post into one of those blogs, but I will use the Harry Potter franchise as the base of the true post, however briefly.

You’ve been warned.

I’m not the type of person who goes to the cinema often, but when I do it is an enjoyable experience. The last time I saw a movie on the big screen was August 2010, if I recall correctly. Seeing one movie per year on the big screen is already being generous; I hardly see so many and there are few I am willing to part with money to see – especially when it comes to 3D movies. This brings me to my next point.

Tomorrow, my parents and I will see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in 3D. We rarely go out and do things together, so this is what we’re trying to change. We never could go to movies, nor had any resources to do these things this past decade; this marks the change. My mother and I are immense Potter fans; I read the first book shortly after I turned seven and had the next installments as soon as I could get them after their releases.

As a family that enjoys watching shows and movies together, going to see a movie is something we love to do.

This is but a very small section of our movie and show collection.

Hopefully this will mark the beginning of a time where we can go out more often. Not only are we going to see this film; we will also have dinner at an amazing restaurant afterwards. We will spend the entire day together; my parents and I. Something we haven’t done for a while.

Movies have an inspiring effect on me, much like books and music do. They help ideas form in my mind that may, one day, develop into something more.

Perhaps this movie will do that for me. The last installment may leave me with something to work with. Completed, but not forgotten.

I intended to read the 7th book again before heading off to see the film, but I didn’t get around to it. Still, I cannot wait for tomorrow; it will be an amazing day!

What is your favorite movie that you’ve seen recently? Do films help inspire you?