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Book Review + Giveaway of “Dominant Race” by Elisa Nuckle!

On Sunday, July 1st, Elisa Nuckle released her novella, Dominant Race, the first in The Modified Trilogy. As a friend and beta reader, I was lucky enough to read the novella twice before its release and immediately after its publication, I purchased the Kindle version and read it a third time.

To celebrate the release of Dominant Race, I would like to share my review. Additionally, Elisa has graciously allowed me to host a giveaway of two copies of her new novella.

Book Description

Lilia is a genetically altered human – a modified – with special animal instincts and abilities. She is half wolf and half human under the microscope, and it shows in her territorial pack mentality.

When Lilia learns about a growing threat against all modified, she leaves home for the first time to join a militia that, like her and her family, survive in the fragmented remnants of the United States, the Old People country.

Their enemies? The Eighth General of the Greater Cities and the ever-expanding devolved, degenerate modified that are mindless killers, blind instinct and rage in human form. When a coup occurs in the First City, Lilia and the other defenders must choose: help reinstate a government in the business of killing their kind, or defend a radical modified in the business of killing everyone else?

Dominant Race is a 32,000 word novella and the first book in the Modified Trilogy.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well, trust me, it is. Here’s my review, if the description alone wasn’t enough to convince you:


Disclaimer: I am the author’s friend. I did, however, buy my own copy of the book to read and review and I do not regret sticking with her during the journey of writing this book, nor do I regret spending $2.99 to get it.

In Dominant Race, the author has created a dystopian world with scientific aspects and merged them alongside unique and interesting characters to create a world that I want to know more about.

Lilia, the main character, is strong-willed and a touch rebellious as she leaves behind the only life she ever knew to help others like her. She is a modified; a human with DNA enhanced by animal DNA. The story focuses on the modified struggle with the normals – the humans without genetic enhancement.

Between the war that blossoms as this novella progresses, there is love, heartbreak, and a family struggle. Elisa Nuckle tells only the basics of the Earth’s past, which leaves readers with plenty of room to envision the history of the Old People (the original humans on Earth) and how things turned into their current state.

Emotions get in the way and create a spectacular story that left me wondering how it will progress. It is war. A brutal war. Not everyone will survive. Judge for yourself if it’s a happy ending.

If you enjoy science fiction, dystopian, or fantasy, then I recommend this novella that contains a touch of all of the above.

4 1/2 stars from me. It is worth the read and I’m looking forward to the rest of the trilogy!

Dominant Race is available for purchase on:

Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Apple Store coming soon!

You can also add it to your shelf and review it on Goodreads.


Two random commenters will receive a copy of Dominant Race via Smashwords coupons. Leave a comment and you will be automatically entered into the drawing, which will happen via a random number generator.

The giveaway ends next Sunday, July 15th! Get your comments posted on this blog post before then. Winners will be announced in that day’s blog post.

To help the author along, it would be great if you could spread the word about the giveaway! Reviews after reading the novella would also be much appreciated. Reviews should be posted on at least one of the above-listed websites.

To wrap this up, follow Elisa Nuckle, without whom this giveaway wouldn’t be possible at all. Check out her websites:

WordPress | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Enjoy the giveaway and spread the word about it! And even if you don’t win, pick up Dominant Race; for only $2.99, it’s well worth it!


2012: A brand new journey!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope the journey from one year into the other passed safely for all of you and that you had an enjoyable evening. I spent the last day of 2011 racking up a major word count. After nine hours straight of writing, I ended the day with 5,984 words.

A new progress bar 100%

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And a completed first draft.

Tales of The Forbidden is now a completed draft sitting at just over 88,000 words. The progress bar on the side of my page is full and beneath it, you’ll see a brand new one that is already on its way to follow in that path.

Mercy of The Forbidden. Book Two of The Forbidden Series.

Despite that I intended to take today off from writing, after jotting down a major 10k the previous two days, my muse had other plans. She made me write the prologue of the second book a day before I intended to start. Those 885 words you see in the progress bar? Yep. That’s the prologue.

Tales of The Forbidden will sit comfortably in the metaphorical drawer my laptop has. Somewhere in the next two to four weeks, I’ll remove it from said-drawer and begin the next step of the writing process.


Until then, Mercy of The Forbidden has my full attention.

I don’t have a year to finish this book, like I did the previous one. Oh, no. Six months. June 30th. It’s time to start picking up my speed now that I know I can, in fact, finish a book.

Nothing will stop me now.

How are you spending the first day of 2012? Share your plans for this year!

Don’t forget that A Glimpse of The Dark is on sale! Only until January 7th, this collection of dark and paranormal fantasy tales is available for $0.99 on Kindle!


Thoughts on Publication: Go for it!

Some of you have followed me on WordPress for months, while others are recent followers new to my content. During these months blogging, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who have inspired me and pushed me to follow this path I’m on, to focus on my goals.

Despite being hesitant at times, I’ve come to realize that the only way to put fear behind me is to go for it. That is what I’m doing now and I couldn’t have done it without the support all of you have given me.

So, I present to you my first ever book.

A Collection of Paranormal Tales

This book is a collection of flash fiction and short stories, written throughout the past two years and polished up to standards for this book. The book will be available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook, as of December 7th, for the price of $1.49.

In this collection you’ll find my best short works, edited and brought to new heights specifically for the occasion! Available for the first time in this new quality, these stories each contain a hint of paranormal in their depths. In this book, tread into the waters of dark fantasy that verge on thriller. A mixture of first and third person view, some of these stories will make you think with their vague, philosophical ways, while others have a meaning clearer than those.

While one of my stories appeared in this anthology by Divertir Publishing, this is the start of my journey into self-publishing. I chose these stories, because not only are they the best of my short works that fit the theme, but also because they show my writing.

This book will be available only in eBook format, but I will publish my novel-length works as paperbacks and eBooks, for the wider audience. I know many readers enjoy reading paper books, despite the rapid increase of the eBook’s popularity.

This one’s for everyone who has supported me: Thank you.

Mark your calendars, folks; there’s only two and a half weeks until the release!