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Bouncing Ideas: How helpful is it?

Have you ever had a story idea come to mind and then you chose a friend to tell it to? Do you enjoy it when you have someone who is willing to listen and will give their honest opinion about the idea, maybe point out flaws?

That’s what this post is about.

I, personally, think it’s great to have someone to discuss ideas with. It helps to avoid plot holes and figure out major, or minor, details. Just this past week I discussed with a friend and she helped me figure out many aspects of the story; there’s no way to describe how fantastic it was to have that much help. Hours of chatting, just to solidify these details and get opinions.

There’s little better than that feeling of accomplishment when someone likes an idea. Every writer should have someone to bounce ideas off. A friend, a family member, perhaps even a colleague. The important part is that you trust what they have to say and that they’re honest.

I have a few friends that help me with ideas, some more detailed than others, and I help some of those friends with their ideas. Writers helping writers; a mutual venture as intended.

Not only does it help you improve, but you share your inspiration with each other and it turns into a mutual adventure.

Remembering that it’s your story and that their suggestions are just that – suggestions – is important, but there’s no harm in being open to what they have to say. Those friends might just help you perfect that idea you’re so looking forward to writing about.

Do you have someone you bounce ideas off? Does it help you?