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Oddities: What is relaxation?

I’m not talking about any medical terms or what the generalized consensus of relaxation is. I’m asking what you, as an individual, find relaxing. Do you read books, to delve into unknown depths of the tales within, or do you play video games for the thrill? Perhaps you go for walks in nature, or spend time drawing?

For me, what’s most important for relaxing is chatting with friends. Just talking to them about daily occurrences and common interests. Re-occurring discussions include games and books – both things I enjoy using for my relaxation. Just to take a break from work, or college. It’s a great way to escape and journey to different worlds, pondering the history and what could or should have happened.

Which brings me to my next point. Thoughts.

I love thinking. It helps me come to an internal peace – whether I think about random things or specific topics, like the games I play or the stories I read. Or my writing; another common thing I think about.

My most prominent character

Chibi Damien, drawn by ~EnshroudedVixen on deviantArt

I often think about Damien. Why? Because thinking about him means I can ponder my novel Tales of The Forbidden and its sequels. Sure, I consider writing a career and therefore, writing my novel is a job. Despite that, thinking about it in my spare time helps me relax and just enjoy the day.

Odd, how stressful things can make a complete one-eighty and be the exact opposite. I won’t complain; I’m glad it does that, really glad. Without that sudden difference, I’d have less chances to take a step back and calm myself. Whereas gaming and reading is an excellent help at times, thinking about future projects and even current ones can have the same effect – if not more so.

I love it.

Damien is a great source of inspiration and relaxation. Not just him, but any character I’ve ever written about or will write about. Someday. Each and every one of them aid me more than I could ever express in words. And for that, I’m grateful. They act as a scale; causing stress and tension at times, but lessening the load at others. I need that scale in my life. I don’t want to lose it.

It makes me who I am.

What helps you to relax, or what do you do when you want to take a break from the stress life causes?