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Similarities: What are hobbies and relaxation to you?

Prior to this blog, I wrote a post titled Oddities: What is relaxation? in which I mentioned different options for relaxation and asked for your personal preferences on how to relax or what to do while doing such. What I did not discuss in that blog is how hobbies often meld into relaxation. Hobbies are things you enjoy and therefore ideal when it comes to wanting to take a step back from reality.

For many bloggers, reading or writing are enjoyable and help us stay calm and escape into a different world. Others prefer watching a show or movie, perhaps venturing forth into a video game world. In the end, it does not come down to what you do, but how much it means to you and that you have fun doing it.

If you don’t have fun doing something, how can you expect it to help you avoid the stress life causes?

My collection

My collection of books on Ancient Egypt and everything around it; extremely helpful for relaxing.

What you do isn’t important, so long as you enjoy it and it helps you. If you need to read an 800 page book, because your hobby is reading and it’s the best way to do it; go for it! It’s your choice what you do. Stay home for a day and read; take out that dusty manuscript and see if you can work on it some more.

Make a decision and stick with it. Be stubborn. Fight against the norm. It’s your life and whether people agree with your way of taking time for yourself or not, that’s their problem. Your life is yours to live, not theirs. Pick up a book, a pen, a controller or strike a pose. Whatever you do, remember to go for it and don’t stop.

Stay honest with yourself when it comes to what you want to do and what you don’t.

Honesty is what will keep you going.

Do your hobbies match up to what you do to relax? What are they?