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What are scenes that break your heart?

You know them. In movies, television shows, and even in books. Scenes that make you do a complete double-take on what you just read or saw and completely change your perception of everything that’s going on.

Scenes that make you cry or exclaim in terror.

Courtesy of Nakaya de Jong. Her response to such a scene in Tales of The Forbidden.

Perhaps your favorite character died, or that one thing you’ve waited on for ages finally happened. There are so many situations that can elicit a strong reaction from readers or viewers.

As authors and creators, those are the scenes we strive to create. The scenes that break people’s’ hearts are what we create, no matter how much we hate them when we have to endure them ourselves. It’s a double-edged sword. I know I say that about a lot of things, but it’s also the truth! Most things have pros and cons to them. In the end, it’s a matter of finding the balance and figuring out which pros outweigh the cons, but that’s a topic for another day.

Why don’t you share some of the scenes that break your heart, or make you look at things from a different angle? I’m excited to hear your stories of the first time you read or saw those scenes!

Personally, I always have issues with scenes in which characters I’m fond of die. The last Harry Potter book was killer, to name an example. I had to read in small spurts, because otherwise I couldn’t see the pages!

What about you?

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