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Friday Snippets: Magic

Hi everyone!

Friday is finally here and that means that I have a new snippet for all of you. This snippet comes from chapter two of my current project, which is going extremely well, I might add!

Please keep in mind that this is a first draft and must still undergo editing.


Magic emanates from the crowd. It grows more powerful, more potent. I take another step towards Ella just as a loud blast erupts from the center of the crowd. It flashes and I cringe as people start to scream. They run, spreading out in a sudden rush. Guards shout and bolt forward, trying to calm and guide the people.

The pregnant woman’s eyes widen and she flees, passing by my sister. The magic-user makes his way through the dispersing crowd. Quick on his feet, he dodges between the running citizens of Senna. I dash forward as he breaks his way through the crowd. Behind me, I hear Lord Serkan yell. In just a few seconds, he’ll reach me and pull me away from danger.

The man lunges towards Ella and she steps back, eyes wide. Quickly, I slip between the two of them and his hand brushes against my arm instead of hers. Magic crashes into me and I gasp. It slips into me, pushing around my magic, trapping it. Searing pain courses through my veins as my magic tries to resist.

The foreign essence overpowers my magic and I release a scream. It yanks on me, hard and unrelenting.


Everything around me vanishes.

Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you. 🙂

That aside, have a fantastic weekend!