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Exercise: Getting healthy!

Between writing, working, studying Japanese, and having time for myself, it’s time for me to start losing weight. Now, weight is something most people are uncomfortable talking about, but I believe that opening up and talking about it can have great benefits.

Why? Because when others know your goals, or know that you’re working on losing weight, they can help. Even simple things like moral support are of great assistance to someone with low self-esteem. Or maybe your family and friends can help you make healthier food choices.

Support, in the end, is a necessity. It makes you feel like you’re not alone and that your battle isn’t fruitless.Just Dance 4I ordered Just Dance 4 from amazon last week and it arrived today. I played the demo of its prequel before it came out and enjoyed it, which led me to buy this one. I played it for 40 minutes tonight and I must say, I could feel it working!

Aside from this, I also have some dumbbells and a weighted jump rope for exercise. My grandparents also have a treadmill; we just need to get it out of the garage.

Between these things, I’ve got a good exercise routine going. Add the fact that I’m eating more fruit and am cutting back on snacks, and I think weight loss is something I’ll be successful in.

I’m down 15 lbs already this year, and that was before all these changes. Now, I’m going to lose even more!

What I’d like to say to everyone is that, if you have a goal, no matter what it is – weight loss, writing, drawing, work-related, anything – just go for it. Get support from the people around you and don’t give up. Remember that a lot of people have achieved their goals and if they can, then so can you.

If you fight for it, you’ll make it.

Have a great week, everyone. 🙂