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FAQ: Do you have any questions?

This is just a short post. The heat is becoming unbearable, so to eleviate some of that, I’ve been making some minor changes to my blog. I’ve created an Interviews & Guest Posts page. It’s fairly empty now, but two more will be added in the near future and hopefully many more will follow!

English: Speech balloons. Question and Answer....

Ask and you shall receive! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll make sure to mention whenever a new guest post gets uploaded.

Now, let me explain this post:

I’m looking to create a brief FAQ to add to my About page, to give everyone a bit more information about me. To do this, I need questions! And that’s where you lovely people come in.

What would you like to know about me?

My favorite movies? Music? Books?

How my writing has progressed?

My writing schedule?

Think up some questions and leave them in the comments! I intend to start making the FAQ page within a few days, so post those comments.

I’m looking forward to answering them.