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General Update: New Schedule

As most of you have noticed, my posts have been very irregular as of late. This is because of an increased workload at college, including an increase in lesson count as of Monday, due to exams approaching, my part-time job, and my writing and editing. To compensate for this, I’m trying to lessen my load.

This means that, until I feel I am able to pick up the Wednesday/Friday/Sunday schedule again, I will only be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays. While I will do my best not to miss any days from now on, if I do, you will know why it happened.

I just ask you to understand and recommend that if you want to stay updated on things as they’re happening, that you keep an eye on my Twitter and/or my Facebook Page. Any updates about delays will be posted there.

Thank you in advance for understanding and stay tuned for regular posts returning on Wednesday!