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Continuing On: Writings and Trials

In my earlier post, I discussed the Tutankhamun Exhibition and mentioned my fondness of Ancient Egyptian history. Aside from history, Egyptian mythology and pantheon evidently plays a large part in my interests. There is little I enjoy more than reading about their lives in the past and the tales of Egypt’s many gods. Aside from writing, of course.

To quote from my post, Journey to Ancient Depths: Tutankhamun,

The legend of Tutankhamun is an intriguing tale, in and of itself, but it is just the beginning of Egypt’s wonders. The intricate detail they placed in everything they did – the politics, religion and so much more. There is so much to learn and I eagerly spend my time doing so.

I will learn. And one day, I will portray this entrancing history in my writing.

I have ideas floating around in my mind, taunting me and waiting impatiently for me to get around to writing them. Not just about Egyptian mythology, but other tales, as well. Whereas Tales of The Forbidden and its sequels are my main priority, other novels are dying to get their turn. They are quite vicious in their antics. The most common way of distracting me from my focus is shoving so many ideas down my throat, that I can’t see past them to my dear characters of three years. Writer’s block, one could say; induced by other characters and ideas with no patience. Though annoying, it leaves me with nothing else to write. No choice in the matter.

Now, I am putting my foot down.

My beloved characters Lysire and Saria are begging for me to return my sight to their forbidden tale. Who am I to deny them? After all, characters from the sequels are eagerly (or impatiently) awaiting their chance to speak. An amazing inspiration that helped push me forward is this lovely creation.

The Main Characters of Tales of The Forbidden

Commissioned and created by the wonderful ~BlueSoulber on deviantArt.

This little gem poured intense inspiration into me and gave me only one option: Write.

I absolutely adore how the artist portrayed Lysire and Saria in this drawing and will treasure it for eternity. Seeing this brightened my day and reignited the core of my muse that I so desperately needed. Words can’t express my gratitude. I’m looking forward to lots of writing in the near future. After all, these two beauties are calling for more actions and characters from later parts of the series are doing the same.

How could I refuse?

What are the things that inspire you more than anything else? Do you have issues with too many ideas bothering you and if so, how do you stay focused on one story?