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Mixed Emotions: College Life and A Surprise

Tuesday, my life as a college student will begin again. This is both an annoyance and a savior. It means I will have something to do with my time, which is great as I work better when I have more things to do, but at the same time, I don’t want to go.

Last year, my class existed out of thirteen students. This year, we’re down to eight. Supposedly, due to our class’ small size and a lack of teachers, there will be cuts made to the amount of hours we spend at college. I don’t know how everything will turn out, but I assume I’ll find out on my first day back.

With my education so rapidly approaching, I need to make the best of my last two free days. Today, I will be relaxing by playing some video games and chatting with some friends. I already wrote 2,004 words today, so I deserve the break! Tomorrow, I’ll close the gap between my current word count and 50,000 and see what I do with the remaining time. So much to do and so little time to do it.

I’m less than 800 words away!

That’s life, isn’t it? Next time I set a word count goal, I’m not going to wait until the last week to go for it. Despite the late start, it looks like I’ll be hitting it in time.

Really, it doesn’t do much good.

On another note – if I make my 50,000 word count goal by Tuesday, you’ll have a surprise coming this Friday. What it is, I won’t spoil. I’ll just say that some of you have asked about it and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I will give you a hint, though:

It involves Tales of The Forbidden.

You shouldn’t worry, though. Something horrible would have to happen for me to not make it.

50k, here I come!

How do you feel about returning to college, if you still go? Is it as much of a mixed experience for you as it is for me?