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Life in France: Day 25

Day 25, October 18th

And so the day of returning home grows ever closer.

Found this Saturday at the mall. This right here gives France bonus points, in my book.

I can’t say today was overly special. Work, then back to the apartment and relaxing. I did beat the first play-through of Plants versus Zombies with no deaths! That’s something major for me; I never make it through games without a game over. I think this was the first time.

Definitely a happy time.

Aside from that, I just browsed online and spent time enjoying the peace.

Sunday, at the beach.

Back to work again tomorrow, for one of my last days. Monday it’s back to college. We’re working full-time while the rest of the college enjoys a two-week fall vacation. Not fair. We get back in Germany just when college starts up again. There’s no rest for us, it seems.

Travel by train starts at 2 p.m. on Friday and we arrive in Germany at 11 p.m. Of course, then we need to get from there to our homes.

It’ll be a long day. I swear, I’m not getting out of bed until noon Saturday – if not later. After this busy month, I need a good night of sleep in my bed. There’s nothing better.

Until then, it’s time for sleep here and preparing for another day!