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2012: A brand new journey!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope the journey from one year into the other passed safely for all of you and that you had an enjoyable evening. I spent the last day of 2011 racking up a major word count. After nine hours straight of writing, I ended the day with 5,984 words.

A new progress bar 100%

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And a completed first draft.

Tales of The Forbidden is now a completed draft sitting at just over 88,000 words. The progress bar on the side of my page is full and beneath it, you’ll see a brand new one that is already on its way to follow in that path.

Mercy of The Forbidden. Book Two of The Forbidden Series.

Despite that I intended to take today off from writing, after jotting down a major 10k the previous two days, my muse had other plans. She made me write the prologue of the second book a day before I intended to start. Those 885 words you see in the progress bar? Yep. That’s the prologue.

Tales of The Forbidden will sit comfortably in the metaphorical drawer my laptop has. Somewhere in the next two to four weeks, I’ll remove it from said-drawer and begin the next step of the writing process.


Until then, Mercy of The Forbidden has my full attention.

I don’t have a year to finish this book, like I did the previous one. Oh, no. Six months. June 30th. It’s time to start picking up my speed now that I know I can, in fact, finish a book.

Nothing will stop me now.

How are you spending the first day of 2012? Share your plans for this year!

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