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Submitting to Literary Magazines: Recommendations?

Most writers know that the best way to build up your publishing credentials is by going for magazines or anthologies. This is how I first had my work published traditionally. One of my short stories – Sex, Guns, and Lies – was accepted by Divertir Publishing and was then published in one of their anthologies, Under the Stairs, in February of 2011.

Getting short stories published is a great way to get your writing and your name out them. Because of this, I’ve decided it’s time to polish up some flash fiction and short stories, even write some new ones, to send off to some magazines. Now, here’s where my question comes in.

Which magazines would you recommend?

I’ve been looking at some lists of magazines and have selected a few that could work out, but what I’m wondering is, if you’re a writer; which magazines have you submitted to? Which magazines would you submit to? Sadly, magazines are one of the things I don’t know too much about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone.