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Holidays approaching… Also, my birthday?!

I can’t believe Christmas is only one week away. In fact, it’s less than that since I’m writing this on Wednesday night.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m one of those people who’s already done with all my shopping and wrapping, so I don’t have anything major left to do before Christmas. Besides work. Because of the busy holiday season, I’ll be working some extra hours and I definitely can’t complain about that!

This means I’ll have a busy two weeks, though, but I’ll get through it!

On Monday I’m going to see The Hobbit with some family, which will be fun.Rosetta Stone

That aside, Christmas being so close means my 21st birthday is fast approaching. It’s only a few weeks away – January 7th! Admittedly, I cheated and got myself an early birthday present.

What, you might ask? The Rosetta Stone language program, specifically for Japanese! I have all kinds of books for learning the language, but this will help me with learning to truly speak the language. It got here today and I immediately spent two hours using it.

This will keep me busy, that’s for sure.

So, what are your holiday plans? Hanging out with family? A big get-together? Let me know in the comments!

Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂


Return To Blogging!

My plan of blogging three times a week failed, hard, this first month of 2013. I’m sorry about that. It’s been kind of an odd month, with all kinds of stuff going on, so my head has been everywhere but on the things I wanted to focus on.

The plan is to force myself to focus again as of this week. That means regular blog posts and writing. I apologize for my absence here, lately. Let’s get things back on track!

How has the first month of 2013 treated you? Let me know in the comments!


Which things distract you?

Note: This post has nothing to do with me being distracted today or anything. Or maybe it does.

We always have things that we know we need to get done. We need to write, or work, or get groceries, make dinner – all kinds of things that demand time, time, and even more time! But there are also things that we enjoy – things that always manage to distract us. A favorite game, movie, or book, perhaps?Kingdom Hearts 3D

Admittedly, I got an early birthday present today, namely Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for my Nintendo 3DS. So I’ve kind of been… away from my laptop today, you could say. Games are things that always manage to distract me – especially games in series I absolutely adore. And I happen to love the Kingdom Hearts series.

So, what always distracts you, no matter how hard you try to focus on things that need to get done? Let me know in the comments!

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New Experiences: What are things you’d like to do?

We all know how it is. You go to school or work, you come home, have dinner, do homework, etc, etc. It’s a cycle that repeats itself. It gets boring unless you do something to spruce it up a bit. Something unique, to break up the monotony.

There are so many things you can do!

So, what are things you’d like to do in 2013 to add some spice to your life? Go skydiving? Go on a tropical holiday? Go to the movies? Go see your favorite band or singer in concert?

Image of a unified SmackDown / ECW Wrestling R...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

For me, my new experience this year will be going to see the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) live when they come to Germany in April! That’ll be a fun Saturday night, and as an added bonus, it will help me write Survival, my side-project. There are fights in wrestling rings in that book… although the fights are a tad different. You know, until one fighter is completely unable to fight just a bit more physical. These fighters are a bit rougher and cause much bloodshed and possible death.

So, I’m definitely looking forward to going to see that and to experience the vibe in the arena. That’ll help me portray it better in my writing. Plus, I’ll get to see my favorite wrestlers in action. And then, another goal of mine is to go to gamescom in August. My first ever trip to a gaming convention. I’m excited for that!

So, what are things you’d like to do in 2013? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all get to do the things you want to!

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Christmas Gifts: Have you bought them yet?

It’s that time of year. Decorations are going up and in many places, they’ve already gone up. In less than three weeks, Christmas will be here! People are rushing to get Christmas presents and, for those of us who hid inside our homes with locked doors during ignored Black Friday, we have to get them some other way, which brings me to my question.

Pile of gorgeous gifts

Pile of gorgeous gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you bought gifts for your family and friends yet, or do you still need to?

I got most of mine the other day. Personally, I ordered them online because I was at the mall last week for groceries and it was sheer chaos. What about you? Do you buy your gifts in-person at a store or do you just order them online?

As much as being able to see and take a look at what you’re buying in person before actually purchasing it, online shopping has a certain convenience to it. I’m expecting my package tomorrow!

What are your holiday shopping experiences? Good ones? Bad ones? Share your stories in the comments!

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Holidays: How are you spending them?

It’s no secret that we’re right in the middle of the holiday season now. Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed (Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you had a fantastic day.) and now we’re en route to various other holidays depending on where you live and the like.

So, since we’re in the holiday season, I figured I’d ask you about them!

How did you spend Thanksgiving this year?

Personally, I spend a relaxing day with my parents. Good food – very good food – and we watched some shows together. Nothing too extreme. Just a nice day. The weekend after Thanksgiving, however, I went on a reading binge. Four books read along with three short stories/novellas.

It was a good weekend.

Furthermore, how do you plan to spend the upcoming holiday(s)?

I need to get some Christmas presents still, but I already have them in mind. Aside from that, in the weeks to come, I’ll just be writing like mad and hopefully making some good progress. I’m still job hunting as well; hopefully it works out.

Have a great holiday season, everyone!


How’s your summer?

Now that we’re already into the second week of July, summer is well underway! Most colleges and universities have finished their semesters and now there’s a break until this August – or even September!

This means a lot of free time for everyone who still studies, and lots of vacation for the working people who choose to take their vacation during summer. Personally, I’d rather take my vacation in spring or fall, when it’s not so warm, but that’s just me.

This is a short post just to see how all of you are doing. How’s your summer and what are you doing during it? Reading, writing, relaxing, going on holiday? Share your summer in the comments!

Are there any things you would recommend people do?

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