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New Experiences: What are things you’d like to do?

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We all know how it is. You go to school or work, you come home, have dinner, do homework, etc, etc. It’s a cycle that repeats itself. It gets boring unless you do something to spruce it up a bit. Something unique, to break up the monotony.

There are so many things you can do!

So, what are things you’d like to do in 2013 to add some spice to your life? Go skydiving? Go on a tropical holiday? Go to the movies? Go see your favorite band or singer in concert?

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For me, my new experience this year will be going to see the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) live when they come to Germany in April! That’ll be a fun Saturday night, and as an added bonus, it will help me write Survival, my side-project. There are fights in wrestling rings in that book… although the fights are a tad different. You know, until one fighter is completely unable to fight just a bit more physical. These fighters are a bit rougher and cause much bloodshed and possible death.

So, I’m definitely looking forward to going to see that and to experience the vibe in the arena. That’ll help me portray it better in my writing. Plus, I’ll get to see my favorite wrestlers in action. And then, another goal of mine is to go to gamescom in August. My first ever trip to a gaming convention. I’m excited for that!

So, what are things you’d like to do in 2013? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all get to do the things you want to!

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I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

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