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To write, or not to write…


Or rather: To write this, or to write that. That is the question.

This is the dilemma I’m currently faced with. I have three short stories that I must write and send off to various places. One for a magazine, two for anthologies. Great things, of course, but the deadlines are so close together!

One needs to be done by October 22nd and the other two by November 1st. Oy.

300 – 3,000 words. 4,000 – 8,000 words. 1,000 – 5,000 words.

…Wait, what?

Okay. I can do this. I’ll be busy. A bit busy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it, right? I have ideas for two of them and only a vague inkling of an idea for the other one. That’s the one with the nearest deadline. Lovely.

The plan: Finish and send off all three by Monday the 29th, at the latest. Any later and it’ll interfere with my Halloween Stream Project. We can’t have that now, can we?

Again, I can do this. I’ll just need to sit down and do what’s rather important when writing submissions for places. Write. Now excuse me while I go procrastinate for the rest of the day and mull the ideas over so that things will flow smoothly as of tomorrow. Promise.

What’s the one thing that made you feel the most stressed, or busy in general, and how did you deal with it? Tell me in the comments! I love hearing from you.
Halloween Stream!

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

2 thoughts on “To write, or not to write…

  1. The way I deal with it is by doing the things I need to do as opposed to writing blog posts about doing them.. 😉

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