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Productivity: How do you beat the heat?


I’ll be one of the first to admit that I hate summer weather. I hate the summer heat and would rather endure cold than the heat, even if my preference goes to spring and fall. I gladly curl up with a blanket, regardless of the temperature. Heat just makes that a lot less relaxing.

You won’t find me at a beach during summer, enjoying the sun and having fun sunbathing or swimming. No, you’ll find me holed up in my house, trying to figure out what to do that won’t cause too much more strain.

I’m slowly working my way through the books I haven’t read. And the ones on my Kindle.

So, for the past few days, I’ve been reading a lot. After all, a good writer is a good reader, as mentioned in the post Reading: Why will it help you write?

Heat or no heat, I intended to make decent progress this weekend and this heat wave completely destroyed any chance of that. It’s hard enough sitting with my laptop on my lap to type this. Even worse, the heat wave is supposed to last until at least next Friday.

I can’t afford to go that long without writing, when my self-set deadline is approaching. Because of this, I’d like to ask you for your story.

What do you do when certain circumstances make it difficult for you to be productive?

It could be because of heat, or cold, or something entirely different. Share your story and any advice you may have; I’d love to hear it!

Have a great week, everyone!

Don’t forget that I’m creating an FAQ to share on my blog! If you have any questions, share them here!

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

6 thoughts on “Productivity: How do you beat the heat?

  1. I usually try figuring out what it is that makes me have a bad time, and then I try to avoid it. Where I live, the weather’s horribly hot as well, and I have a bad time doing anything. For now, I’ve turned up the fan, but if I want to read, I’ll go outside into the shadows of one of our trees and read. The little wind blowing and shadow protecting me from the dreadful sun makes it much more enjoyable! And I’ve been taking my laptop as well, writing a little!

    • That sounds like a good plan! I honestly don’t do well with anything above about 60ish (20ish in celcius) degrees. I generally even prefer a little less. Being in the 90s (mid-thirties) now is dreadful.
      I have been reading a lot, though. A horror anthology. Those chills I get help the heat. šŸ™‚

  2. >you might not be able to tell but I’m glaring at you right now< *glare*
    I've been begging the weather gods for some summer weather for ages. Just a chance to wear my new sandals! The UK really is the arsehole of the world (especially in the north.) Our house stays cool when its hot so I can look at a gorgeous blue sky in comfort. When the weather is gloomy and overcast I struggle to write. What I wouldn't give for some sun!

    ANYWAY, I do also suffer from bouts of not writing. I do believe in time off though. I feel most of the time I should be doing something useful so if I'm too tired to do anything I use it as time off and enjoy it as time off and try not to feel bad.

    • Honestly, if I could, I’d have us switch our current weather! I’d gladly let you have this dreadful heat. If things go as planned, my parents and I will be moving to the UK sometime in early 2013, at the latest.
      Our apartment heats up unbearably. Plus, my bedroom is the attic! Not pleasant. I’ve been on the couch for weeks.

      Yeah, I do believe in time off, as well, but I did set a deadline for Werewolf’s Lair! I just hope that I can rack up a major word count once the temperature cools down a bit.

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