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Goals: Where will you be in four years?


Before I start, note that this post was inspired by Joanna Penn‘s recent blog post where she sets her goals for four-year intervals, to coincide with the Olympics.

I agree with what she wrote: Planning ahead by only one year is too short and yet planning for five years seems so long and daunting. Because of this, she settled on every four years, listing the Beijing, London, and Rio Olympics as her past, present, and future in the writing industry.

Why don’t I do the same?


Even the smallest dream can grow into something magnificent. (Photo credit: ihasb33r)

  • 2008
    Back in 2008, I had just drifted farther away from writing fan fiction and instead started to write original fiction. This started with Prophecy of The Forbidden. I got twelve chapters in, before I succumbed to the fact that, admittedly, it was horrible.
    At that point, I wasn’t as serious about writing as I thought I was and if something didn’t go right or wasn’t as magnificent as I thought it would be when I started writing, I quit.
  • 2012
    By 2012, I have had a short story published traditionally and have self-published a small anthology of flash fiction. My passion for writing has grown and my focus no longer wavers if the story doesn’t immediately turn out how I want it to. The concept of Prophecy of The Forbidden has been revised and has now become a four-part series, The Forbidden Series, in which the main events of the original Prophecy of The Forbidden will take place in the third book. The first book is complete and the series has currently been set aside to be continued in the future.
    At this time, The Hunted Trilogy is well underway with a self-set deadline of September 30th for the first book. Additionally, plans are already in place for what to focus on after I complete this trilogy.
    Between 2008 and 2012, I also started this blog and have joined various social media, most importantly Twitter and Goodreads, with Facebook a close third.
  • 2016
    By 2016, The Hunted Trilogy will be completed, as well as multiple other books; I will have fallen into a comfortable writing schedule of three books per year, giving me four months to write each novel. I will have self-published a second, larger anthology (more on that later this year) and will have been on my first blog tour. Additionally, I will have a full-time job to go along with my writing.
    I’ll have signed with a literary agent and, ideally, the first book of The Hunted Trilogy will have been published with the second soon to follow. My social media following will have grown to at least three times what it is now and will continue to grow.
    Most of all, I will be happy with my writing and where it has gotten me by that point and will gladly welcome anything more than I expect.

So, what are your four-year plans? Where were you four years ago, where are you now, and where will you be in four years? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your plans for the future and the progress you’ve made.

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

7 thoughts on “Goals: Where will you be in four years?

  1. Haha, I don’t even know where I’ll be in a year’s time! My life is unpredictable and that doesn’t bother me.

    Perhaps in four years’ time I’ll be where my registrar is. She IS four years ahead of me in terms of medical training. But who knows. I don’t know what I will specialise in, so I can’t make plans that far ahead.

  2. Not sure where I’ll be exactly, but I want to have released 5 books by July 2016. One down…

  3. In four years time, i should have finished my degree,settle down and run a company of my own that specializes in solving peoples problems. Next year, my first two books; ‘Success ingredients’ and ‘The Chronicles’ should have been published. Many other things i’ve outlined to do also part of which is making my blog a great resource centre on helping people overcome their challenges.

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