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Werewolf’s Lair: Progress + Snippet!

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Work on Werewolf’s Lair finally resumed this week. Two day and just over 6,000 words written, which put me at the one-third mark of the book. At nearly 30k, I’m making good progress and intend to finish the first draft by my August 31st deadline.

A lot of major scenes happened in the past few chapters, including new characters being introduced, emotions unraveling, and sheer bloody carnage. It wasn’t all pretty. Heck, most of it wasn’t. Paige’s luck in life is plummeting and spiraling out of control.

At this point, it’s hard to say how things will turn out for her.

Not that I don’t know, though.

Overall, I’m happy with how it’s progressing and can’t wait to dive deeper into the story – not to mention the two sequels that will follow. I’m having a lot of fun writing this and can’t wait to get back into it, after taking the day off today.

Relationships are definitely getting more interesting now and little curves are being thrown into the mix to shake things up. Before I end this post, here’s a little snippet for all of you to enjoy:

A hunt. It was a hunt.

And Matt was the hunted.

The scent was strong and grew stronger by the second. A mile away. They’d reach him before he even had a chance to flee. No matter his speed, he couldn’t outrun them. He didn’t stand a chance.

How had she been so oblivious? They paid attention to more than just their territory.

The thoughts whirled in her mind and by the time she made sense of them, the scent strengthened. Within moments, she saw Matt in the distance. He stood in a clearing – the same spot he told her he would wait for her at. He saw them; she knew he did. His gaze fixated on the incoming group of wolves.

He had less than thirty seconds.

Ideas. Options. What would she do? Paige snarled, an act natural enough that it came across as disgust at the sight of the vampire. Destroy her relationship with the pack by saving him? Let them kill him and betray the trust Matt and her had? If she helped Matt, they would both die. The odds were not in their favor. They’d brand Paige a traitor and kill her alongside the vampire she sacrificed her life to help.

They entered the clearing and Paul lowered himself mid-run to lunge at the vampire. Three seconds. He’d clamp his jaw around Matt’s neck in three seconds. His pack would grant him the highest honor for killing a hideous vampire – one of their enemies.

Paige thought back to her night with Matt and something tugged at her chest. She turned left and lunged just as Paul did the same. Her body slammed into his halfway through his lip, throwing him off course. He crashed to the ground and Paige followed him down. She landed on top of him and snarled, before she quickly found her way to her feet and backed away until she stood near Matt.

Her heart pounded in her chest, hard and fast. She didn’t think. Instinct threw her at Paul before she could make her decision. The pack stood opposite of her now, their bodies rigid and their stares intense.

Paul found his footing again and returned to stand in front of the others. He snarled, loud and ferocious. “How dare you,” she understood. “Traitor!”

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