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Friday Fortune #5 – Free snippet of “Werewolf’s Lair”!

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Friday Fortune #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of Friday Fortune!

What is Friday Fortune? On Wednesdays and Sundays, my posts are generally serious and focus on specific aspects of writing or even life in general. Fridays are here to mix it up a bit. On Fridays, you’ll be surprised with giveaways, free snippets, general questions, and so much more! If you have any suggestions for questions I could ask or things I could do; let me know so we can make this interactive!

This week, I’ll be sharing one of the recent scenes written in Werewolf’s Lair. Without further ago, here it is, enjoy!

God, it hurt.

Paige slumped against a tree, cringing as the bark tore slivers of skin away. In her human form, she felt bare, naked. The cool night’s breeze tickled her skin and she shivered, pulling her knees up to her chest. One arm circled around them while her other hand pressed against a gaping wound on her left leg, a couple of inches above her ankle.

Pressing harder to cut off the flow of blood, she whimpered. Pain shot up through her leg, terrorizing her. They caught her, before she got close enough to the city. One of them caught her hind leg in her other form and tore flesh from it. She struggled hard to free herself from that wolf, before the others surrounded her. She got lucky.

Too lucky.

Fatigue tugged at her consciousness, luring her closer and closer to vulnerability. Paige fought the urge and pressed harder on the wound. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip to hold back a cry in pain. Every time she pressed, she felt the wolf dig its teeth into her leg again. It hurt. It hurt a lot, but it kept her awake – a step further away from vulnerability.

Paige rested the back of her head against the bark and stared up at the sky. Dark and decorated with specks of light; the day still hid from the world. The sun would not rise for another few hours.

How long had she been sitting there? It felt like hours. She made it to her goal, despite the injury. Close enough. Sitting, resting at the edge of the forest, she recognized some of the nearby houses. The world spun and she groaned, raising her right hand to hold her head. Steady. Willing the world to stop moving helped for only a moment. It spun again until it finally came to a halt.

Fatigue wasn’t her only enemy anymore.

Her grip tightened around the injury, slick with her blood. Any longer and she would start wishing the wolves finished her off.


The voice cut through the haze that began to settle in her mind. Male, familiar. Matt. Her eyes scanned her surroundings, momentarily focused. When she didn’t spot the vampire, confusion flitted across her face. Then she realized it.

He would notice the blood before he noticed her.

Matt stepped between two trees to her left, gaze instantly finding her injury. His expression was devoid of emotion as he crossed the distance between them and kneeled down next to her. “They caught you.”

“Y-Yeah.” The thought crossed her mind to flush and be embarrassed at the naked state she was in. It vanished as he gripped her wrist in one hand and tugged it away from the bite. Paige gasped in pain and instinctively tried to pull away. His grasp held her in place. “N-Not the nicest wound, is it?”

He said nothing, instead searching through her bag until he pulled out her shirt. Matt tore a strip of it off and tied it around the wound. Paige cringed again but stayed still, allowing him to bandage her leg.

A vampire tended a bleeding injury without losing control. The thought occurred to her in a rush, confusing her, before the world spun again and she whimpered. Her eyes shut tightly and she tried to block out the feeling of uneven ground.

The pain became dull.


Everything grew darker and she felt herself falling.


Everything went black.

Let me know what you think! I love hearing your opinions in the comments.

Tune in next week for whatever I have up my sleeve for you in edition six of Friday Fortune.

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

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