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Are there different ways to get the same results?


Of course. Now, before I start blatantly describing why I think that and asking you what your opinion is, let me offer some background information. Mull it over and think about what’s coming.

See that cereal box? There are multiple ways to got about saving, or not saving, this situation.

Something I’ve noticed, particularly in the educational system, is that teachers want their students to study the way they find best. Copy the text five times to memorize it, sit and read the same passage a gazillion times and so on and so forth. It’s frustrating, because you sit there and think, But that method doesn’t work for me! Even if you say it out loud, it falls upon deaf ears.

Very few teachers understand the concept of the existence of various ways to get the same result. Sure, some students can copy the text and learn that way, while others can read it and absorb its contents. That does not mean that, that method works for everyone.

The same occurs in other things – work, writing, creating, life, everything. There are always multiple manners in which one can solve problems, or varying ways to meet one’s goals.

Some people write at night, with music. Others write during the day, in utter silence. Some prefer music with lyrics, while others want instrumentals. There are so many small details that come into play, that it’s impossible to find a common way that works for everyone. People have preferences and as long as it shows in their work that they found those, who are teachers, or employers, to judge?

I work better when I have a busy schedule. Others want peace. Does that mean either way is right or wrong?


Find your own path.

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

6 thoughts on “Are there different ways to get the same results?

  1. This is really true. Often, in the school system here, I got so behind. But then I had to drop out and do homeschool. I swear, I’ve never learned more. Why? Because I had time to myself — three to four hours straight sometimes — and I could absorb a single subject because I gave myself one subject a day. Having all that time helped me out, doesn’t make my way superior. It’s just the way I personally learn. Simple as that.

    With writing, I think it’s really similar. People say to go by one structure. Others say to write daily while others still say to write when the inspiration comes; anything before that is rubbish. So many different ways, and each of them tailored to that individual writer. That’s why I don’t like it when one writer says their way is “superior” to someone else’s. Some just get you to an end product faster, but all of the processes make a decently pleased writer at the end.

    • Exactly. Different methods work for different people and no one method will work for everyone; we’re too different for things to work out that way. For you, studying by yourself helped; others maybe need to be in class. It’s all of matter of taste per person.

      Writing is the same. Writers need to find their own rhythm and path – a way that works for them, personally. You can try following a path that someone else laid out, but in the end, it’s up to you to find out what works best.

  2. I agree. I actually recently ran a post about a learning method for pre-schoolers. There are several different pre-school learning philosophies out there- and some are better suited to certain personality and learning types. I think that is major criticism of public mainstream education- but anything centralized or federalized can hardly afford to tailor to every situation. It’s a real challenge. I think that is where good teachers who can work within the system’s parameters to identify individual learning needs are so essential. I’m sure that it is rare to find one that has the time, patience or resources to do that, though….

    • Precisely. A lot of teachers don’t have the time or patience to do things in a way that everyone benefits from. It’s difficult. I understand that they don’t try every single method, but I disagree with being so persistent about people doing stuff in that one way.
      People should have the chance to choose how they do things.

  3. We can only hope more people come to this point of enlightenment, too. 🙂 I think the world would be a lot easier to live in if everyone knew without question that “different” is simply that – different. Not always wrong, not always inefficient or ineffective, but just the way another person’s brain is wired in its own, unique way.


    • Exactly. So many people don’t realize that people really are just that – different. There are so many ways to do things, but some people are so hell-bent on making only one way the right way.

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