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Life in France: Day 15


Day 15, October 8th

I didn’t crawl out of bed until it was almost noon, today. It seems like sleep got a hold of me and wouldn’t relent – not that I’m complaining. Needless to say, it’s been a relaxing day.

A picture taken during my tour around town today.

I went into the town center and looked around in some shops. Honestly, I should have stayed away from the bookstore. I need to stay away from it for the rest of my time in France; it’s bad for money. Very, very bad.

I left the store with eight books.

They had restocked with some of the Popular Penguin Classics, each priced at a measly 2,56 euros. I got seven classics and one non-classic, namely Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars, which was 8,25. As for a list of the classics I bought, here it is:

Eight books for roughly 25 bucks. I’m not complaining – I’m ecstatic!

Although it did disappoint me when I found out they didn’t have Dracula. I still need to get around to reading it, but perhaps another time, another place. I’ll get my hands on a copy soon enough.

The Stephen King book is because I’ve wanted to read his works for years now, but never bought a book. Now, I have my first ever Stephen King novel! It’s time to take my first look at the horrifying depths of his tales.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes are another I’ve wanted to read, Alice is classic memories, Shakespeare speaks for itself, and older stories like Frankenstein and Dracula are ones I’ve been dying to get my hands on. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was more of a random buy; I’ve heard of it, never looked into it, but it sounded interesting after reading the synopsis.

I have reading material I’m dying to dive into soon; I’m extremely happy with my finds and the prices I got them for. But first, it’s time to go play some Final Fantasy IV. I’ve been dying to all day for whatever reason; I’d better kick back and relax with some awesome Final Fantasy music and a great game, then.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll sneak some reading in.

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

7 thoughts on “Life in France: Day 15

  1. Oooh a fantastic selection of books! Just don’t forget, you need to be able to take them home with you in your luggage! 😉

    Everyone needs a nice, relaxing afternoon of playing classing Final Fantasy. Sounds like the kind of Sunday I want to have today. :3


    • I’ll be able to do that, don’t worry! I brought four bottles of Mountain Dew, and shampoo and stuff with me on the way here, so that’s weight that will be gone on the way back.

      Yeah. Definitely going to go play now, because I didn’t get around to it last night.

  2. Tasha, Gpa has most of Stephen King’s books in paperback. I think he has about 9 of them at least. Sounds like you’re doing okay there. Remember, whatever you buy there you have to carry back home with you. 🙂 Love ya!! Grandma

    • Does he really? I didn’t know that!
      Don’t worry – I brought shampoo and stuff with me, so I’ll have room on the way back. The 4 bottles of Mountain Dew I brought are gone, too. 😛

  3. Can’t say I’m a big Stephen King fan, books didn’t really live up to the praise for as far as I’ve read. But hey! Books are books.
    I really love Frankenstein, though, so please let me know when you’ve read it! Would love to discuss it with you. I might re-read Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde again whenever you do for the same reason. It’s faded a bit.
    Great haul, though.
    Also, what a lovely building in the picture. Nice architecture. I am loving that clock.

    • Like you said, books are books. I guess it’s mostly to see what his books are really like, because I’ve never read one before.
      I will let you know when I finish Frankenstein, and start Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
      I know, it’s a really cool building.

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