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Life in France: Day 12 (with a story snippet!)


Day 12, October 5th

This is an ad I saw on the street. This is this city saying, "Ha! You should have planned on two extra weeks."

Today was more a planning day, than a working day. Throughout the morning, I worked on figuring out the answers to the questions my teacher wants Kujtesa and I to answer before going back to Germany.I got most answers filled out and I feel pretty confident about them – I think.

I’ll see how it turns out.

The afternoon, however, passed entirely differently.

They didn’t have anything for me to do today, so instead of just sitting around, I decided to do some novel-planning. I’ve had an idea for about two weeks now and wanted to get character bios out-of-the-way and figure out the title. Over the course of three hours, my inspiration went into overdrive.

I now have six titles, in order, and a synopsis for each of those six books – a series.

My muse went into power-mode and I’m glad she did. I’m loving the sound of this series. If all goes as I’m planning, I’ll work on it as a side project, with the Forbidden series as my main one.

To cut off this blog, because I have nothing else of interest to write about; here’s a snippet of the short story that morphed into a six-part series! Be warned – it’s unedited.

“What are you?” The vampire stood and walked around the fire, his gaze not leaving me.

“Excuse me?” I raised a brow. “The common question is ‘Who are you?’.”

“Your name is Kimberley McEwan and you’re twenty-one years old, only just legal enough to enter that club I so conveniently found you at. You live with your parents and younger cousin, are half-British, half-American, with the British side coming from your father. How am I doing so far?”

I stared. Time froze as a haze of confusion halted my thoughts.

“Shit,” I ground out. “Did you follow me?” The last thing I needed was a bloody vampire tailing me.

“On the contrary. I found that out from the contents of your purse and connecting the dots.” He grinned and tossed said-purse at me. “You also carry pepper spray. Devastating for pesky humans, though a mere annoyance for vampires, assuming you manage to get a lucky shot with it. No doubt that’s why you carry this nifty little blade.”

He held a nine-inch weapon between his index fingers, tip and hilt pressing into his skin. Moonlight reflected off the blade and he glanced from it to me.

Damn. There went the stab and run route.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of a scene that will be similar in the first book! Once I get more written, I may spoil you. 50 subscriber special? Who knows; we’ll see!

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

5 thoughts on “Life in France: Day 12 (with a story snippet!)

  1. Hooray for a super exciting and productive afternoon! Oh, you’ve got me all excited and wanting to write, Natasha. 😀 That was definitely a fun little look into your draft. I’m not the biggest fan of vampires, but they can be an entertaining element in stories.


    • I swear my muse had a mind of its own – and mind control. All I wanted to do was write bios and figure out one title!
      I think, when it comes to vampires and anything else, really, it depends on the story itself and how they’re portrayed. Little things can make or break the story or characters; I’m trying to avoid that.

      • Vampires are just another take on the superior, confident roles that many great stories already have. They are kind of the ultimate standard for charming super-villain or devious super-hero. A writer doesn’t need to get into complicated explanations, because the precedent has been set and we all know “the type”, now (not to say that’s a bad thing, just an observation!).


      • I actually don’t fully agree with that. Vampires can be portrayed in so many different ways, just like humans or any other paranormal creatures; recent novels are proof of that.
        In the end, it all comes down to the story and how they’re portrayed; at least I think so.

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