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Panic! At the Disco: Live in Concert


I promise to go back to writing-based blogs soon, but I need to write about this, so I have it on black and white. I mentioned in my earlier post Just For The Record: Music, that I was heading to a concert that night – Panic! At the Disco, to be precise.

Live Concert

The concert seemed too short. There’s no other way to describe it. Being there was an amazing experience and I had a wonderful time. The opening act turned out better than I expected and Panic! blew even my wildest ideas of seeing them in concert out of my mind.

They are amazing live, had great, entertaining conversations between songs and all in all, drew the crowd into the performance. We weren’t just viewers, we were a part of the experience. In my opinion, that’s what sets a good live band apart from a bad live one- how much they interact with the crowd; the people who came to see them.

They dedicated their song, Always, to us. They thanked us for spending our Friday night with them, and not at home watching cartoons and eating ice cream (as Brendon put it). They showed their gratitude and how much it truly meant to them.

They dedicated another song to the victims and families of the dead, or injured, from the Pukkelpop Fiasco, which happened only a night before. You can read Spencer’s recollections of the night here.

The rundown is that a horrible storm hit a music festival in Belgium just as Panic! wanted to go on stage. Over 60,000 people outside or in tents when it hit. Last I heard, there were five deaths, a dozen severely injured and even more with minor injuries. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

As Spencer says in that article,

We were about 30 seconds from going on stage to start our set when the light rain turned into a downpour….and then the wind hit. The steel beams holding up the tent started swaying, as did the full lighting/sound rig. In fear of it all collapsing everyone started running out. Then the wind got stronger and it turned into chaos.

They recovered, and the rest of the weekend festival got cancelled. How Panic! managed to go on stage only twenty-four hours after that is beyond me, but I commend them for having the courage to do so. They are an inspiration to me and always have been.

I will never forget that amazing night and the pictures I took will serve as wonderful memories.

Live Concert

What is your best concert memory?

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Author: Natasha McNeely

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6 thoughts on “Panic! At the Disco: Live in Concert

  1. I think it’s awesome these guys were so good with an audience, and that the concert you went to wasn’t very massive, from the looks of it. Smaller concerts are always more personal. It’s very fun. From what it sounds like, I bet you’ll be squealing about this for days.

    I would anyway. Haha.

    • They were exceptionally great when it came to involving the audience. When they come near here again, I’m there. No doubt about it.
      And it really wasn’t; 300 people tops, and I’m not sure it even hit that. I can’t say for sure – I didn’t count, but no more than 300.
      I definitely will be! I keep looking at the pictures I took; might post a few more on Facebook.

  2. I love concerts although I rarely go to one. My favorite & best concert memory ever was going to see Enrique Iglesias. I just absolutely love him. My boyfriend took me (he doesn’t really care for Enrique but he knows I would pretty much sell my house for him, well maybe not that bad lol) and I had the best time of my life. Still remember what I wore, how I got there and everything.

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