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Character Behavior: How does it make you feel?


In this post, I’ll be delving into specific characters and what they make me feel and how it changes throughout the novel. Specifically, there’s one character I’d like to point out, but we’ll get to him later.

Expect much ranting.

First off, the main character of my novel. At first, Saria may seem like a depressed young woman, but when you look into the causes, you’ll realize that her attitude is actually very natural for what she’s gone through. And it only gets worse. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong for her – save for the occasional exception. She has it rough, but she pushes through.

I can relate to her, to an extent. She is extremely attached to a particular character, as am I. When certain events took place, that attachment allowed me to write her reactions spot on with utmost ease. Those events made me want to smack something and torture other characters, but that’s a story for another day.

Saria’s opposite, however, is a different character. His introduction isn’t the best, but at first he seems like a good character.

The young version of my cat

I r smart and cute kitty. You must luv me!

Not long after, though, he starts to get annoying. Then aggravating. Shortly after, he turns into the kind of character you want to smack over the head with the nearest heavy object to put everyone around him out of their misery. And for your own pleasure. But that’s another story entirely. The point of this is that he’s a character who at first seems like a sweet, kind and – dare I say – normal character. Until he does things that get him on my bad side, and I’m sure readers’ bad sides, as well. Halfway through the novel, I intend for readers to collect pitchforks and knives.

He will not survive.

Side-note; this will be the start of a new trial blogging schedule. I will be testing out a thrice-a-week schedule; Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, to be precise. Let’s see if I can keep it up!

Do you have characters that change how you feel about them throughout the course of the story? If so, for better or for worse?

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

9 thoughts on “Character Behavior: How does it make you feel?

  1. “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong for her”? I will now forever see Saria’s middle name as ‘Murphy’s Law’.

  2. Well, my brand of horror stories always tend to have characters develop into different people, so much so that sometimes you should feel very differently about them by the end. I’m not sure if the transformations of my other genre characters are as drastic, but there’s always a shift in perceptions by the end, eh? 😉


    • I think character development is definitely a big part of any story. With this particular character… I knew the turn he would make, but I didn’t know just how major that turn would be until it came to a certain event that ingrained hatred of him into me forever.
      And that’s for sure; things always change. =)

  3. Some characters should be smacked with something pointy, that’s for sure. But your Saria (which reminds me of Zelda, haha) will keep the reader going through all the bad because they want her to succeed despite everything going against her. That’s the whole point of a sympathetic protagonist. Modern stories seem to forget that basic rule sometimes. Bleh.

    • That is definitely true. I do hope you’re right about Saria (haha, I thought of that, too). You have a point, though. There are so many different kinds of protagonists. They don’t all have to be the bad-ass protagonists we see so often nowadays. Like you said, Saria is a more sympathetic protagonist.

  4. Characters…Some of them I love, some of them I hate. My problem is having a character that is flat. At least a named character. I have anti-heroes with attitudes from hell (rather literally), villains with a sweet tone, badass characters who don’t really have an affiliation, lost people, but no protagonists or antagonists. My characters are just a bunch of what I would consider normal people thrown into a world with abnormal skills, powers, and circumstances.

    I do have a few I would like to stab with sharp objects though, not because of their behavior, but because of their lack thereof. *coughcoughsatancoughcough*

    And lastly, I took your advice. Maybe I can get more motivation this way. Thanks Tasha,


    • Yeah, exactly. No one character is purely antagonist or protagonist. Characters are much more complex than that, like you’ve stated.

      Haha, yeah, he is definitely one of those characters you’d want to stab with sharp objects. Raoul is one of those for me – and the character named above.

      I hope you do!

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