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The Forbidden Series: A Brief Look


For those of you who are unaware, “The Forbidden Series” is what I have dubbed the series of novels I am working on. Tales of The Forbidden, my current work in progress, is the first novel in the series and nearing its halfway point now.

Throughout the series, there is one character who is always present – a familiar pillar for readers to grasp. While he stays and undergoes small changes throughout the four novels, everything around him becomes different. People come and go in more ways than one and he remains the sole familiarity. To an extent.

Some characters stay for two novels, others three. In the end, he is the only one to rely on being there every step of the way.

The character who is always there.

Drawn by the amazing ~EnshroudedVixen on deviantArt, for my birthday of January 7th 2010.

Despite his presence throughout the series, it does not revolve solely around him. On the contrary; it is about everything happening in the world around him. He is a key player, yes – a very important one. But in the end, he does not control all the events. The people around him; the ones who step closer are the people who make the changes so desperately needed. A woman, a child, a friend; they begin the changes. Damien is just the person who takes control and whom the differences affect the most.

The Forbidden Series took two and a half years of planning. Planning.

You read correctly. Two and a half years. One hundred and thirty weeks. This thing frustrated me and at time made me want to rip my hair out. Things kept shifting, no matter how hard I edited the idea to make it just right. After two and a half years, I completed the initial planning.

Once I finished that, I finally started the book that is now nearing 50% completion. I spent so many days plotting, working out kinks in the storyline, or characters. Things switched places. Book One became Book Three, Book Two stayed Book Two and entirely new ideas came to create Books One and Four. So much to express; it took time and effort to discern how to do things and do them right.

I finally got it done.

Two and a half years in, I began writing Tales of The Forbidden. Damien’s origin. How he came into existence and who he is. The trials the mere idea of him created. By the end of the novel, Damien will live. And as of the second book, we will see much more of him. War, battle, trials, emotions, death, family and friends. All this and more exists in the series. In the end, the question is:

Will he reach his goal?

What is the longest you have spent planning a novel, or the longest you are willing to spend?

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

3 thoughts on “The Forbidden Series: A Brief Look

  1. I am a proud friend. Even though you hate me, please notify me when your first novell comes out. I will be gladly buying it. Therefore you still are a great writer and I’ve been trying to support you with your ideas. I’m curious like hell how it’s turning out. And I still have all those chapters of ‘tpotf’ ;D anyhow; goodluck :3 secretly I have been reading your blog.

  2. Sounds like an extended and extra-complicated version of what I just went through for my current project! Planning a heavily interconnected series takes a lot more time and effort than just laying out groundwork for a standalone novel. I admit, some of the details for my later books are still a bit murky (I’ve left myself some wiggle room in case something needs to change along the line), but I imagine if I went all-in and planned everything, it would take a very long time. I’m a little too impatient (“enthusiastic” 😉 ) to spend two and a half years in planning! That said, I’m still writing a story I began over a decade ago, so you never know.


    • To be honest, it wasn’t all planning, but most of it was, if just unconsciously. I started a book first and got up to chapter twelve before I realized that things were not working out. That “book one” is now the third book in the series and will be started from scratch once I get to it.
      I don’t have every tiny detail planned out, but I do have at least the major situations and some minor ones.

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