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Journey to Ancient Depths: Tutankhamun


Anyone who knows me personally is aware of my intense fascination with Ancient Egyptian history. Because of this, my parents and I ventured to the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Cologne, Germany on May 21st. I originally intended to write about it shortly after getting back, but it slipped my mind. To make up for it, I will write about the day now.

The day started with a two-hour drive before we made it to the exhibition. I’ll skip the boring stuff and get straight to the exhibition. Upon arrival, we each received a small recorder and a headset. The creators numbered each section of the exhibition; pressing the number on the recorder started a discussion between two Egyptologists about the items in that section.

It started with general items and texts about Tutankhamen. From there, we moved on to two short films about how Howard Carter discovered the tomb, funded by Lord Carnarvon. It is amazing how lucky, one could say, Carter was, as he found the tomb on the last dig Lord Carnarvon wished to fund. Once can only wonder; what would have happened if he had not located the tomb then? Would we know about it now, or would it still lay beneath the desert sand, in the Valley of The Kings?

After the videos, the next part of the exhibition showed the antechamber, burial chamber and treasury of Tutankhamun’s tomb exactly how they were found in 1922. Following that came a large hall with each item from those chambers showcased, either alone or in groups of items that belonged together.

The world-wide known mask of Tutankhamun, recreated down to the smallest detail.

Throughout the time we spent there, I examined every object and listened to each part of the tape that went with them. Luckily for my parents and I, the tapes also came in English and not just in German. Not only did I see much of the Egyptian art and architecture; I learned so much about their history and the meaning behind what they created.

The God of Cemeteries and Embalming stares into your very soul.

The day took my breath away; seeing everything there was to see has inspired me for my writing and ignited my passion for Ancient Egypt and its pantheon even further. Since then, I have delved into my books on their history more often and find myself more drawn to anything that concerns them. The legend of Tutankhamun is an intriguing tale, in and of itself, but it is just the beginning of Egypt’s wonders. The intricate detail they placed in everything they did – the politics, religion and so much more. There is so much to learn and I eagerly spend my time doing so.

I will learn. And one day, I will portray this entrancing history in my writing.

What is your one historical passion that intrigues you more than anything else? Share and discuss!

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

8 thoughts on “Journey to Ancient Depths: Tutankhamun

  1. I have to admit, this looks like it was pretty fun. I love Egyptian mythology, and I’m glad this fueled your creativity and passion! The pictures are great, too. =)

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog Natasha, it was the most unexpected surprise ever and it made my day haha. I’ve been writing every post in Spanish but you inspired me, maybe i will continue in English from now on. 🙂 Your blog looks amazing by the way.

  3. Sounds like an incredible experience! I always have been a little enamoured with the Medieval ages, and ancient Greek mythology is my favourite. The Egyptians are amazing, but they’ve never called to me the way they do to you. 🙂


    • It definitely was! Green mythology is another amazing one, but like you said about the Egyptians; the Greek have never called to me the way they do to you. =)
      Thank you for your kind comment!

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