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Change: Is It Necessary?


This is something I know a lot of people wonder and the answer is something neither here nor there. It all depends on the change itself and the person the change influences. For example, an artist could choose to change their sleeping patterns to free up more time for creating. An author could do the same on their writing. Maybe someone intends to change their career path, or maybe something as simple as changing what they have for breakfast.

Change comes in the smallest forms.

I made a change recently. While I don’t wish to delve deeper into the change itself, it hurt. Sometimes change is a necessary evil that will harm you on your way through the process of making the change. Even if that is the case, it is something is necessary; it is often for the best, even if it does not seem so at first.

Moving on, more changing are coming. I’m aware that I need to change my writing habits, or else I will never finish a novel. Because of this, I plan to write a lot this summer to compensate – especially as I’ll be away for four weeks this fall. I must take the time to focus on my goals and what I want to do; it is necessary. A necessary evil in some ways.

Change always is.

I don’t want to drag this post out longer than it needs to, so I’ll leave you with a last piece of advice. If you feel there is something you need to change, no matter how small it seems; don’t be afraid to do so. In the end, the change will be worth it and even if it isn’t, nine times out of ten, it’s just as easy to switch back to the old way.

Have you ever changed something major in your life before? If so, did it work out well for you, or not? If you haven’t; are there things you’d like to change?

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

2 thoughts on “Change: Is It Necessary?

  1. Change isn’t necessary; it’s inevitable. 🙂 And while many types of change are painful or frightening, there are only certain types of change you should really fight against. The others, especially the ones which will end up making things better for you, it’s usually easier to try and embrace the change.

    But everyone approaches change in their own way. Sometimes it’s not the change itself that’s the problem, you just need time to get used to the idea. I hope your change doesn’t hurt for too long!


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