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Never stop dreaming, 'cause the day you stop dreaming, is the day you stop living.

Under the Stairs

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Some months ago when I was struggling to keep up with college work and my writing, I felt a potential opportunity for publishing pass me by. I had heard about Divertir Publishing and how they’re a company focusing on short story and poetry anthologies to give unknown writers the chance to break into the realm of published literature.

A dream come true, I thought, except I forgot about it as teachers increased my workload.

The one place I spend the time I have to relax is an art and literature website called deviantArt. One day as I did my daily things, the unexpected happened. Lisa D Keele, one of the editors of Divertir Publishing, contacted me, asking if I’d like to send in a story. Only then did I remember the opportunity and the next thing I knew, I made time to select one of my stories and submitted a query. The first time I ever submitted something for publication.

One month later, an email appeared in my inbox and I found out they had accepted my story. My lifelong dream hit me like a brick and I couldn’t believe my luck – I found it difficult to come to grips with the thought that one of my stories would be in print. I still do.

Now, two months after that, the collection of flash fiction containing my story and nineteen others, is available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Divertir Publishing.

Two children open a forbidden door under the stairs…
A barkeep shuts his doors one night every year for a special party…
Do you
really know the Muffin Man…
A boy’s chance to save the world rests in the hands of a dismissive pterodactyl…
Big troubles come to a wizard when he loses his hat…
A former police officer decides to face the events of his past…
A woman’s relationship with her husband causes her to face a disturbing truth…
A time when the end is really the beginning…

Under the Stairs (M. Jarboe)
A Night Off (Dave Rudden)
Hot Stuff (Stephanie Jordan)
The Trolly Thief (Rachel Worsley)
Catch (Verena Sandford)
Rob Meets Pterodactyl (Helen Harvey)
Sixteen Fingers (M. Pence)
Baking Through Suicide (Matthew Taylor)
The One Star (Gwin Pearce)
The Forgetful Wizard (George Lasher)
The Gardener (Megan Kennedy)
Midnight Dreams (Lillian Leader)
One-Way Ticket (Elizabeth Harvey)
Swap (Morgan Lane)
Matthew Lucas Davis (Jennifer Childs-Biddle)
Truth (Verena Sandford)
La Petite Sirene (Alex Fox)
A Parley with the Wasps (Elizabeth Layne)
Sex, Guns and Lies (Natasha McNeely)
The End (Lisa D. Keele)

Sometimes, just sometimes, miracles do happen. You may not expect them to and you may not notice it when they first occur, but in time, the smallest situation can change your life. With enough hope and a little patience, your dream will come true.

Never stop dreaming, ’cause the day you stop dreaming, is the day you stop living.

What is your experience with publishing? Have you ever been published, or are you looking to be in the future?

Author: Natasha McNeely

I'm a writer, reader, gamer and a dreamer. I love losing myself to thought and considering possibilities. That is how I create my stories and weave the erratic tales into readable ones.

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